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Tattooed Lady

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Hello! This is a community for heavily tattooed women and their admirers. Do you have a butterfly on your ankle or a bit of tribal work on your lower back? That's nice, come back when you have several more hours of work on your body. If you chose to flaunt your lower back tattoo anyway, I'll probably delete it. So don't even bother.

We're looking for the beautiful women with hours and HOURS of tattoos on their skin. Full sleeves, half sleeves, back pieces, chest work, we want you! Do you have a medium sized piece in an unusual place (like on your face, throat, head) we would love to hear from you too!

Please post your pictures and stories. Does your back tell a tale? Have you encountered difficulty being a tattooed lady? Do you have regrets? Can you offer advice and insight for future tattooed ladies? Are you lacking tattoos (or the female anatomy) but you simply love women with a lot of tattoo work? Please join!

A few rules:

-By joining, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age.
-All pictures should be behind a cut. If your picture isn't work safe, please note this in your post.
-No pictures of tattooed men unless it's in reference to a specific tattoo.
-No advertising, please.

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